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Envy, the grassland herbicide launched three years ago, has added a new dimension to weed control in equine paddocks.

Manufactured by Corteva Agriscience, it contains two powerful ingredients – the tried and tested ingredient fluroxypyr and the brand new active ingredient, florasulam.  The mix of these potent chemicals with two different modes of action ensures a very wide spectrum of weed control in grassland.

Envy is powerful on buttercups, dandelions, plantains, daisies, docks and chickweed in grazing paddocks, hay and silage swards.  As there are no issues with residues in manure, it is particularly suited to horse paddocks.

Chris Maughan

“Spraying weed-infested pastures with Envy over the coming weeks will pay handsomely and will ensure more nutritious and more productive paddocks,” said Chris Maughan, technical manager with Whelehan Crop Protection which distributes the product on the Irish market.

Achieving Best Control

Best control is achieved by spraying when weeds are actively growing and before they reach the flowering stage.

“With docks, best results are got from spraying when they are 15-25cm high and before a seed head begins to emerge.

“While good results can be achieved by spraying buttercups at the flowering stage, very best control is got by spraying before they flower,” advised Chris Maughan.

He said that if weeds are gone beyond the ideal stage for spraying, it is best to top the paddock and apply Envy after around three weeks regrowth when the weeds have regrown to the ideal stage for an effective kill.

Envy should be applied to grazing paddocks at two litres/ha in a minimum of 200 litres of water.  Animals should be kept off paddocks for seven days after spraying.

Pastor Trio

PastorTrio widens the options

PastorTrio, another recent addition to the Corteva Agriscience range of systemic herbicides, also provides excellent control of weeds in horse paddocks.  

As well as containing fluroxypyr and florasulam, the two ingredients found in Envy, PastorTrio also contains florasulam. 

Thistles in fieldIt is powerful on the same range of weeds as Envy and has the added advantage of killing thistles.  Therefore, when thistles are among the weeds in a paddock, PastorTrio should be the herbicide of choice.

As with Envy, best results from PastorTrio are achieved by spraying when weeds are actively growing and have not reached the flowering stage.  The recommended application rate to grazing paddocks is two litres/ha in a minimum of 200 litres of water.  Animals should be kept off the pasture for seven days after spraying.



Tailor-made for Reseeded Pastures

Chickweed in reseeds web

Both Envy and PastorTrio are tailor-made for the control of weeds in reseeded pastures.  Chickweed and seedling docks are among the major weed problems in new reseeds.  Envy and PastorTrio are highly effective on both weeds.

“Many pastures that were reseeded last autumn did not get a post-emergent weed killer.  Some are now riddled with weeds with large patches of grass smothered out.  Spraying with PastorTrio or Envy will kill the weeds and enable the perennial grasses to recover,” said Chris Maughan.

He said that weed control will also become an urgent issue in pastures that are currently being reseeded.

“A post-emergent application of Envy or PastorTrio, depending on the weeds, will result in a weed-free sward and allow the new grass to tiller out, ensuring the sward can reach its full potential.

“Both herbicides can be applied from the third leaf visible stage of the grass.  The recommended application rate on new reseeds is one litre/ha in 200 litres of water.

“As Envy works well in cooler conditions, it can be applied up to 30 November.  This makes it an ideal post-emergent herbicide for autumn-sown reseeds.”


Over-sowing Clover

As Envy, PastorTrio and other systemic herbicides that kill broad-leaved weeds also kill clover, a growing number of farmers now omit clover from the original seed mix. 

They then spray the new sward and over-sow the clover into a clean sward using a technique developed by Teagasc Moorepark.

Clover can be over-sown three months after the sward is sprayed with Envy or PastorTrio.  


Nettles under wire GrazonPro - the perfect spot treatment for weedsgrazon pro

For spot treating nettles and other troublesome weeds at railings, ditches and hedges, GrazonPro is the perfect product.

Containing two powerful root killing ingredients – triclopyr and clopyralid – it is powerful on a wide range of weeds including  nettles, thistles, docks, buttercups, brambles, gorse, cow parsley and hogweed.

It should be applied at a rate of 60 ml in 10 litres of water using a conventional knapsack sprayer, a quadbike sprayer or a suitable lance on a tractor mounted sprayer.  Keep animals off treated areas for seven days. 

GrazonPro is also an ideal spot treatment where weed infestations across paddocks are 5% or less.  As with Envy and PastorTrio, best control is achieved where weeds are sprayed before the flowering stage.