Envy - Herbicide

A broad spectrum herbicide for use in 3 situations

- where horses or cattle graze
- Replace straight fluroxypr on chickweed
- Weed control in new sown leys

Control weeds in paddocks and pastures because they:

- Compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water
- Are unpalatable to your horse, pony or cattle
- Sustain the life of the sward
- Take over the paddock and if left unchecked limit ability to graze
- Can spread to neighbouring properties
- Make pastures look messy, untidy and unkempt.

Weeds in paddocks could be a sign of:

- Worn out pasture
- Poaching and overgrazing
- Poor nutrient status.

Understanding the background helps identify the ongoing practice needed to keep paddocks in a good condition.
Very tight grazing typically opens the sward up allowing weeds to come through.
Poaching exacerbates the problem.
If no fertiliser is applied or manure is removed grass growth slows and weeds will outcompete.
Clover, which is high in sugar and low in fibre can lead to colic and laminitis.
Envy controls clover.

Envy Herbicide
Envy Herbicide - poached paddock